VALUE Values to be shared by all employees

Together, we get it done.
  • Ⅰ、 Never run away from challenges.
  • Ⅱ、 Never blame others.
  • Ⅲ、 Never be selfish.

We believe that to maximize the number of "thank you's" we receive from our customers, we must work together with our colleagues and stakeholders to achieve our goals with a "never give up" attitude. At our company, we embrace this mindset and are committed to delivering the best possible results for our customers.

SHINMEI PROMISE Shinmei Promise:

Four Commitments from Our Company
to Build a 'Together, We Can Do It' Team.

First Promise

Our Commitment to Creating a 'Together, We Can Do It' Attitude Among Our Teammates - Four Promises from the Company.

We at Shinmei promise to support our colleagues who strive to inspire not only themselves but also those around them. We believe that inspiration is the key to success, and we are committed to providing a supportive environment for those who aim to inspire and motivate others.

Second Promise:

Moving from "just getting by" to "doing whatever it takes"
We support team members who have a strong commitment to their goals.

Our team members understand the purpose of their work, and have a strong determination to achieve their goals.
They are committed to going above and beyond the minimum requirements, and we at Shinmei support them in every way possible.

Third Promise:

We protect team members who can engage in constructive conversation.

We respect each other regardless of their position and are willing to exchange opinions with anyone. We understand that disagreements can arise, but we commit to handling them with respect. Shinmei supports team members who can engage in constructive conversations.

Fourth Promise:

We value teammates who are not afraid to fail and learn from their mistakes.

We appreciate those who take bold risks, learn from their failures, and continuously strive for improvement. At Shinmei Industries, we will always value and recognize such team members.

Shinmei Industry's "Get It Done" Equation. やりきる An equation to identify and create work that truly "gets it done."


"Capture the essence."
  • ① Comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules.
  • ② Understand the principles and rules.
  • ③ Follow moral principles.
  • ④ Work with ownership.
  • ⑤ Understand customer needs.
  • ⑥ Understand the corporate philosophy.
  • ⑦ Understand the market.
  • ⑧ Have a strong sense of purpose.
  • ⑨ Implement the PDCA cycle.
  • ⑩ Think logically.
"Conduct work with passion."
  • ① Believe in something.
  • ② Get excited about work.
  • ③ Be responsible.
  • ④ Have vision.
  • ⑤ Get others involved.
  • ⑥ Take on challenges.
  • ⑦ Have passion.
  • ⑧ Have a hungry spirit.
  • ⑨ Never give up until the end.
  • ⑩ Never compromise.
"Connect to achievements."
  • ① Customer satisfaction will improve.
  • ② Repeat orders will increase.
  • ③ Number of customers will increase.
  • ④ Number of products will increase.
  • ⑤ Quality will improve.
  • ⑥ Technical competence will improve.
  • ⑦ Lead time will be reduced.
  • ⑧ Output units will improve.
  • ⑨ Sales will improve.
  • ⑩ Employee satisfaction will improve.
Commitment to Excellence and Delivery
Incorporating at least three key componentsin each aspect of our business.

MISSION Offering value to the world

Beyond Expectations.
Beyond Desires. Beyond Imagination.

From the moment of creation until the end of its service, Shinmei supports the entire life of an automobile with our unique technology.
We are involved in the prototype and development stages of automobiles, and in partnership with Toyota,
we create production equipment that operates in automobile factories worldwide.
We also venture into related businesses such as electric and self-driving cars,
supporting the automotive industry from various angles and envisioning the future.

Meeting the 'expected value' is a given.
We aim to surpass 'desired value' and achieve exceptional, unexpected value.

Customer Feedback:
This is fantastic.
Customer Feedback:
Thank you. This is great.
Customer Feedback:
Not bad.
Meeting customer expectations is a given. Shinmei aims to provide unexpected value by meeting the untapped needs of customers, even those they are not yet aware of.
Not bad.
First Stage:

Basic Value

These are services that are essential and indispensable. If they are not provided, customers will likely file a complaint. In other words, these services should receive a reaction from customers, and if there is no reaction, it indicates that they are not being provided.

(No reaction from customers)
This is fantastic.
Second stage

Expected Value

These are things that customers naturally expect and if not met can lead to dissatisfaction. Achieving this stage would result in customers being satisfied and showing their appreciation with a smile.

(Customers smile)
I've been wanting something like this.
Stage Three

Aspirational Value

These are things that customers do not necessarily expect, but when provided, they experience a strong sense of satisfaction. These types of values may evoke gratitude from customers.

(Customers show appreciation)
This is fantastic.
Final Stage

Unexpected Value

It exceeds the customer's expectations and provides a remarkable experience.

(The customer is so impressed that they spontaneously spread positive word-of-mouth.)

VISION Future Vision

Japan's pride, the world's pride.
Combining unchanging passion with ever-evolving technology, we are the creators of the new era.

At Shinmei Industries, we aim to become a new era manufacturing company that Japan and the world can be proud of,
by combining traditional values with innovative technology to create something that no one has ever seen before.

Shinmei's "Sanpo Yoshi" Philosophy:

  • Good for the buyer.
  • Good for the seller.
  • Good for society as a whole.

"Sanpo Yoshi" is a business philosophy that originated in Japan, and its name translates to "three-way satisfaction" or "good for three sides." The philosophy suggests that a business should aim to create value not only for itself but also for its customers and society as a whole. In other words, the three-way satisfaction principle advocates that a business should aim to benefit everyone involved in its operations, including the buyer, the seller, and the community.