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Striving for Sustainable Development through Exceeding Expectations

At Shinmei Industries, we believe that simply "doing something to achieve SDGs" is not enough. Our focus is on providing value that exceeds our customers' expectations through high-quality, low-cost manufacturing. We believe that providing an environment where our employees can devote themselves to manufacturing is the essence of achieving SDGs. We strive to establish ourselves as a manufacturer of the new era by continuing to take on new challenges while embracing the spirit passed down to us by our predecessors during this time of great transformation, which is referred to as a once-in-a-century change.

What are the SDGs?

SDGs, or Sustainable Development Goals, are goals set by 193 member countries of the United Nations to be achieved between 2016 and 2030. The term SDGs stands for "Sustainable Development Goals." To achieve these goals, 17 elements have been established as requirements for success.

The seven initiatives undertaken by Shinmei Industries
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Environmental Measures

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

SDGs 3
SDGs 3
SDGs 3
SDGs 3
In order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by production activities.

we are striving to improve production efficiency and reduce operating hours in factories and offices. This includes shortening lead times and minimizing the number of parts used.

We are also aiming to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated during the production of parts and products by minimizing

the number of parts used and reducing the power consumption of production equipment. This helps us reduce production costs while achieving our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting a Healthy Workplace for Employees

Creating a Supportive Workplace for Employees

SDGs 3
SDGs 3
Providing Support for Physical Health

We have introduced numerous programs to support the physical health of our employees, such as providing nutritionally balanced meals in our cafeteria, conducting in-house training, and subsidizing cancer screenings. In the near future, cancer screening will be mandatory.

Providing Support for Mental Health

We have established a system that allows employees to easily consult with occupational physicians and public health nurses when they experience physical or mental discomfort or anxiety. In addition, we offer strong support for disease prevention, such as fully subsidizing the secondary examination costs of health checkups.

Support for Persons with Disabilities

Shinmei is committed to creating an inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities.

SDGs 3
Supporting persons with disabilities

The company actively employs persons with disabilities, who are currently engaged in farming activities on leased agricultural land. Plans to encourage participation in certain automotive-related projects is in the works.
The company aims to provide a comfortable and accommodating working environment that enables persons with disabilities to work to their full potential.


Creating a workplace that values diversity

SDGs 3
To provide value that exceeds the expectations of customers worldwide

the company employs a diverse workforce that does not discriminate based on gender, age, nationality, or any other factor.

Health Management

Education and Training for Future Automotive Technicians

SDGs 3
SDGs 3
Providing high-quality education in automotive maintenance

We provide extracurricular classes in automotive maintenance using maintenance vehicles to local students. This is an activity that passes on years of know-how and highly specialized skills.

The Car Creation Mastery Project
Fostering a love for cars through education

We participate in the "Car-making Mastery Project," where local elementary and junior high school students learn about the mechanism of cars. We offer a comprehensive learning experience, from dismantling to assembly, over a period of two to three years.