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Big challenges,

In the aftermath of World War II, with very few cars in Japan in good condition, the members at that time were faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge: to keep the company going. Undeterred by the lack of resources, they turned to an extraordinary solution: salvaging parts from sunken war vehicles, repairing them, and selling them to create revenue. Their unwavering dedication to manufacturing and their bold aspirations for the automobile industry paved the way for the maintenance business, which has since evolved into the thriving car service industry we know today. The tenacity of the spirit of monozukuri and strong will for growth of the automotive industry of our predecessors is the passion that built our current car service business.


Complete car life support

We take pride in being able to support our customers throughout their car ownership experience. We offer a range of services including inspections, maintenance, sales of new and used cars, various insurance options, and even trade-ins. Our expertise and exceptional customer service ensure a delightful car purchasing experience and long-term peace of mind. With our years of experience and unwavering commitment, we are here to support you through every step of your car journey.


Reason 01

Life-long car support

Our greatest strength is the ability to provide lifelong support for our customers. We offer solutions to various concerns from every angle, ensuring that we can meet their unique needs throughout their car ownership journey. With our expertise and commitment to value-added services, we promise a lifetime of business with our customers.

Reason 02

Quick Service

Shinmei has multiple maintenance facilities within 10 kilometers of the Toyota Motor Corporation headquarters. Given the high utilization of Toyota cars in the surrounding area, Shinmei Industries has established numerous maintenance facilities within a 10-kilometer radius of Toyota's headquarters. This strategic positioning enables us to deliver swift and efficient service to a large number of customers in the vicinity.

Reason 03

One Stop Solution for Complex Maintenance Procedures

Shinmei handles high-level maintenance that require advanced skills. In addition, we have implemented a trainer system that allows our staff to learn such skills in-house. We have established a system that can meet a wide range of customer needs.




State of the art Maintenance Technology

  • ・ All 5 of our service locations are certified by Toyota as "Techno Shops"
  • ・ We have over 230 licensed maintenance technicians, including first class automobile maintenance technicians
  • ・ We are equipped to handle advanced technology vehicles and offer system and fault diagnosis using the latest computer diagnostic equipment

Maintence Services for a variety of vehicles

  • ・ Wide range of inspection and maintenance services available.
  • ・ Capable of servicing hybrid, electric, fuel-cell, and LPG vehicles.
  • ・ Vehicle service history is centrally managed in our system.
  • ・ Provide customized maintenance recommendations based on usage patterns and inspection results.

Painting and repair services

  • ・ We offer car maintenance services for vehicles damaged in accidents.
  • ・ Same-day turnaround for minor repairs such as small scratches and bumper damage.
  • ・ Uses state-of-the-art equipment and skilled techniques to restore your vehicle.



Annual maintenance record exceeding 20,000 vehicles

  • ・ We hold a manufacturer-designated maintenance shop for large vehicles
  • ・ More than 29,000 small vehicles admitted for maintenance annually
  • ・ More than 26,000 large vehicles admitted for maintenance annually
  • ・ All five bases of our car service business are certified as 'Techno Shops' by Toyota Motor Corporation
  • ・ Over 230 nationally certified mechanics, including first-class automobile mechanics, are on staff
  • ・ We provide maintenance for advanced technology vehicles and perform system inspections and fault diagnosis using the latest computer diagnostic tools.

Multifaceted Management of Corporate Vehicles

  • ・ Support for vehicle conditions and cost management of company-owned vehicles
  • ・ Recommendations regarding the preventive maintenance to prevent malfunctions based on past vehicle management history
  • ・ Handling of various types of insurance in preparation for risks

Examples of proposed corporate car services:

Example 1:Large Cargo Vehicles | Safety Devices

Installation of the rear sonar system, backup cameras, and collision prevention safety devices (Mobileye) in large trucks, trailers, and other vehicles to improve safety.

Example 2:Industrial Vehicles | Safety Devices

Installation of proximity sensors and specialized safety doors for reach lifts on on-site work vehicles to contribute to improved work safety.


We will continue to support Japan's car
life by adapting to new technologies.

There are three things that our car service business needs to do: enhance maintenance techniques for next-generation vehicles such as electric cars, establish a system for software maintenance of these vehicles, and create services that cater to new ways of enjoying automobiles such as car-sharing. We will continue to provide value while remaining committed to supporting car life throughout one's lifetime, even as times change.