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Shinmei's Vision for the Future:
Redefining Business Strategy for the Age of Transformation.
In the face of rapid change, Shinmei Industries has redefined its business philosophy to overcome the challenges of this era.
Redefining Management Policy to be a Winner
in the Period of Profound Transformation.

President Kondo first articulated his vision for the company's future, which led to extensive discussions among the management team. Ultimately, their newly formulated business philosophy was transcribed onto an A3-sized vision map, which serves as the guiding beacon for Shinmei's continued expansion and success.

What is a Vision Map? A roadmap to the future that encapsulates the company's mission.

A Vision Map is like a roadmap to the future that encapsulates the company's mission. It lays out the value that Shinmei Industry offers to the world and the future that it aims to achieve. It also defines the core values that the company must uphold. All of this information is condensed into a single A3-sized sheet of paper, providing a clear and concise guide to the company's direction.


Why we created the Vision Map

To build a strong organization that keeps up with the times of significant change.

Despite the long history of technical expertise and the collaborative relationship with Toyota, Shinmei Industries is not immune to the need to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. In fact, we recognize that shifting to meet the demands of the once-in-a-century transformation is essential to our survival and success.
To do so, we believe it is necessary to unify the values and beliefs of our team members. That's why we decided to redefine our management philosophy and articulate it in the form of a Vision Map - a concise yet comprehensive visual representation of our company's values, goals, and direction for the future.


CHAPTER01 VALUE Together, we get it done.

Shinmei Industries is determined to change and continue evolving. A declaration of commitment from the management team.

We have established the phrase "共にやりきる" (Tomoni ni yarikiru) to represent our core beliefs. We deliberately used a tone of words that motivate and encourage rather than the typical management philosophy, as this is a declaration of our determination to change. It is not just for our employees, but also to show our management team's willingness to change.
The conditions that embody value are "逃げない" (Nigenai) - Dont run away, "人のせいにしない" (Hito no sei ni shinai - Dont blame others), and "自分ファーストで考えない" (Jibun faasuto de kangaenai - Don't think with a self-first mentality). These are the action guidelines that address the common challenges that the management team has been experiencing in leading the company to solve these issues. We have incorporated the idea that we must always act with self-responsibility, take a customer-centric approach, and make every effort to provide value to our customers.


CHAPTER02 MISSION Beyond Expectations.
Beyond Desires.
Beyond Imagination.

At Shinmei, meeting expectations is just the beginning. Providing value beyond expectations is what truly defines us.

The statement "Has the level of value we offer our customers declined compared to a decade ago?" sparked a discussion that ultimately led to the creation of our mission, which is to provide value that is truly meaningful to our customers. We identified four types of value that we aim to provide: "basic value," "expected value," "desired value," and "unexpected value." Among these, we set the "desired value" as the minimum level that must be achieved, which refers to something that customers would feel strongly satisfied with even if they did not expect it. Moreover, we are committed to fostering a culture that aims to provide "unexpected value," which goes beyond what our customers anticipate.
At Shinmei, we believe that meeting expectations is only the first step. Our ultimate goal is to exceed them by providing value that our customers did not even know they wanted.

予想外価値 最終段階
願望価値 第三段階
期待価値 第二段階
基本価値 第一段階

CHAPTER03 VISION Japan's pride, the world's pride.
Combining unchanging passion with ever-evolving technology, we are the creators of the new era.

Who is the maker of the new era of manufacturing?
Defining a clear path and moving straight ahead.

The management team has come to a conclusion in their discussions on the VISION for the future to aim for. They concluded that "only by balancing tradition and innovation can we survive in the future." It is not just about innovation, but about valuing the traditions built over a long history while changing what needs to be changed. This is the path that Shimei will pursue. This conclusion is embodied in the VISION of "Makers of the new era of manufacturing, creating a new era with unchanged passions and continuously evolving technologies that Japan and the world can be proud of." We will cherish this VISION and our unique "sanpoyoshi" approach and build a company that can withstand the great upheavals of the times.